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02-09-2011 12:56 PM
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When you symbolize data on categories, sometimes you symbolize a few unique values and assign the rest to <all other values>. In the TOC, this entry is always listed first in the layer. Other values can be reordered with arrow keys on the layer properties symbology tab, but not this one. For me, <all other values> is usually a collection of less important features in the view. Usually, I would rather see it at the bottom of the list than the top. Or sometimes, I want to rename its label from <all other values> to something else and then I might want to insert the renamed value alphabetically into the list of values. Anyway, I would like this flexibility to be available.

+ possibility to move it to heading
It's often a lesser important collection of values and I want it to appear that way in the legend.
Rather than using the "All Other Values" category you could turn that category off so it doesn't get shown, group all of your "other values" into their own group, edit the label and adjust its postion in the list of classes. Not as automatic as letting "All Other Values" pick up any unused classes, but it works now.
The only way to show the "All Other Values" in a legend are very clunky.  It should be a very simple thing to allow moving the other values up and down, like any other class.  I have never seen a good map with the "others" listed at the top and seperated by a different heading; instead, they are just listed as another class of data, at the bottom of the list.

ArcMap Legend:

Better Legend:

It is easy enough to convert to graphics and fix the legend; however, this disconnects the legend and results in wrong symbology and other problems.  I hate converting legends to graphics but I have to on almost every map I make.  We have a huge library of maps we produce on demand and make updates as needed, but we make one update to the underlying data and we have to manually change dozens and dozens of map legends manually.
Just got off the phone with ESRI support as I wanted to do this very same thing. At least having the option to move it to the bottom would be a big improvement.

dbarnes-esristaff‌ But this is exactly the missing feature. If I want to set up a service, maybe a feature service and I want to configure the legend to show only some special values on top and to hide or group any other possible values (also not yet existing ones) at bottom.


Currently in ArcGIS Pro, "all other values" is at the bottom of the legend in TOC:


You could also click on its label in TOC to change <all other values> to any custom string.


Pretty small request here. Just looking for the ability to move the all other values symbol up and down in the legend like we are already able to do with other symbols. I know that I have the ability to convert the legend to graphics and re-arrange but I would like to keep the connection between the legend and map layers in case I have to add more data to my layout down the road. In my screen capture below, I want the Priority 1 symbol & label to appear first in my map layout to stay consistent with other maps in this series even though none of these features appear in the map.