Minimize Floating Attribute Tables in ArcGIS Pro

02-03-2015 09:08 AM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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Many have posted in the past about the ability to minimize attribute tables in ArcMap (current release 10.3). A few links are here: , ,
The problem remains in the first release of ArcGIS Pro 1.0.0. Close, Maximize and Restore options are all present, but no Minimize. Justification for this functionality has been given numerous times in other posts since 2010. Please consider bringing this basic functionality back into both products.


Allow users to minimize floating table window. 

Please bring back the (-) minimize button to the table window like it was in prior versions.  Some users do not have duel monitors (laptop users) and need to be able to view the map without moving the table window mostly off the screen area.

I agree, I only have 10 for a few days and I am tryly annoyed.  There is a "work around".  Please see
++ for this one.

Tables treated as simple windows for easily and quickly viewing table data and comparing table data.

Docking is okay, but I find it actually quite clunky, and a productivity killer.

I don't mind docking, and I think it is fine that docking was added, but truthfully there was absolutely nothing wrong with the General Window UI of a Table in 9.3  Nesting and Tabbing could have easily been added without messing with the ergonomics of the Table UI.

I use tables constantly while editing and geoprocessing. I very much miss the ability to minimize tables that was available in 9.3. Docking is problematic - tables take up too much of my screen and interfere with the data or layout view. Please bring this feature back.
AGREED! Please bring this back, as well as the ability to have more than one attribute table open at a time!
Please add these features to SP5 for Arc 10!
Yes, please!  Separate, floatable, and minimizable tables like they used to be in 9.x would be great.  I really miss being able to set up various tables in various shapes and sizes for various data sets.
The inability to minimize the attribute table defeats the purpose of having multiple tables open in a single docked window.

For the sake of the worker bees and to prevent the hive from dying please implement the minimize function back into the attribute table.

I just read in another post "maximize button" has been implemented???? so what about the "minimize" button. I mean seriously, the desktop client is built for windows so why would you remove a fundamental component the windows environment. MINIMIZE!!! MINIMIZE!!!
Docking and hiding are nice touches, but quite simply, not being able to minimize is a pain in the patooty!  =P