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Maplex - Force Abbreviations

01-16-2014 08:27 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I think it would be great if you could force abbreviations using Maplex, rather than simply having the labels abbreviated only when space is a concern. This would be useful when labeling streets - my dataset may have "Road", "Street" etc. spelled out fully but the only way for me to standardize everything to "Rd", "St" etc. is to actually edit the data. Would love if I could use my trusty abbreviation dictionary to force all abbreviations.

This can be done with the current software. When constructing a abbreviation dictionary you should select the "translation" type, this will mean that any time the word appears on the map the abbreviated form will always be used. Hope that helps.
Status changed to: Already Offered

Marking as Already Offered (at the time of submission, which we understand was quite some time ago) per @SamuelTroth2 comment.

Abbreviate and truncate labels—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

"Translation entries always apply to all words of a string. Translation entries may be useful when you translate a map into another language, want to remove words from a label string, or want all occurrences of a word to be abbreviated. Use this type of abbreviation to shorten long street names, such as Martin Luther King Boulevard to MLK Blvd."