Magical Plotter Tools in Pro...and Gnomes

07-24-2017 05:37 AM
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I'll be blunt: Plotting wide-format (where you have to plot multiple strips and tape them together) wall-sized maps from Arc You have to test (with expensive paper), many combinations of margin, no margin, clip margin, overlap, etc....when using the Windows/ArcMap print driver, further complicated by what type of plotter you're using, what version of the print driver. Kicking things out to Acrobat, which has far superior print controls when wide format plotting, doesn't really work when your plot has a raster basemap. The worst part is, if there was something wrong with the last strip (e.g you're doing 10, 6-foot long (44 inch wide) strips for a wall map), and lets say, the paper ran out half way through the last one (or the print head ran dry), guess what....YOU CAN'T JUST PRINT THE LAST STRIP!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!!!!! (like a pirate). 

There is a long list of things Pro can't do that Arc Map can, but maybe there's one thing Pro can do that Arc Can't: Configure and Manage wide-format plots with the same functions that Adobe products can.