Leverage Parallel Processing for Build Terrain tool

12-20-2020 01:23 PM
Status: Open
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Often when building large terrain datasets, the processing time can be very long. Upwards of 2-4 weeks for a county wide terrain dataset derived from LiDAR. 

It would be great if we could leverage parallel processing in this tool. I have a machine with an i7 CPU and 64 GB RAM and the terrain build for a county wide dataset takes at least 14 days. At most, ArcGIS Pro utilizes 3 GB of RAM until phase 3 of the tool where it jumps to about 18 GB. 

I've gone through this doc on Best Practices of Building Large Terrain Datasets and Fundamentals of Building large Terrain Datasets.

Good info here but I've found that building terrains in pieces doesn't always work. I've often gotten error 99999 when try to append multipoints so I ultimately build my terrain all at once using all my multipoints. 

I have 64GB of RAM and a good CPU on my machine, I would love if Pro could utilize this for the Terrain Build tool!