06-15-2011 07:28 AM
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I have a map that covers a large area. One layer I have in my map is local roads and I have used the label feature to label all of the local roads on my map. Since the map covers a large area, there are several local roads in the view. Labeling all of the roads clutters the map.

I would like to have the option to label only 50% of the roads. This could be something such a slide bar similar to changing the transperancy. If you want 10% of the roads to be labeled or 73% of the roads to be labeled you could slide the bar to your desired setting.0EM30000000Cpoc

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How do you propose that the software determine which 50% of the road labels (or whatever other % you choose with your slider) to draw?

It would probably be more helpful to review Author a multiscale map—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation, use label classes and control the visibility range for each label class. 

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Other topics for your review:

Connect line segments for labeling

Specify a label buffer distance to change the space between labels

Specify a minimum feature size for labeling

Please respond if you still need suggestions after the reviewing the documenation from Kory and myself