Keep the sorted column in the original place

06-29-2021 04:53 AM
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When you select a column from the attribute table, and the column is right in the middle of the table, after you sort the column either acceding or deseeding, the column moves to the right side of the table. In other words, the table automatically scrolls the column to the right. Please eliminate this automatic scroll.

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Hello @MiguelMartinezYordan,


Thank you for this submission. This is actually a bug in the table. There is a support bug logged if you would like to follow development: BUG-000145003.


- Alycia

Status changed to: Closed

Closing this since it has been identified as a bug.  In order to follow the status of the bug, please visit the Support site: 

Use the Subscribe button to get set up for notifications. That also increments the count of affected customers which is important information to help development teams prioritize issues.

Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention and we apologize for the inconvenience.