Increase User Control of Tables Added to Layout

04-08-2010 10:51 AM
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The options for adding a table to the Layout view are extremely limited and cumbersome for customizing because all of the options happen before the table is on the layout.  Adding tools to modify tables on the layout would make more sense.  A toolbar like the one for Drawing would be more beneficial, maybe one like in Excel.  If it could control color, justification, row heights, and column widths the frustration levels would quickly subside.

I totally agree with you.  We use "Add Table to Layout" in our workflows and we would love to see more support and functionality for this feature across the board. ;)
Not only more options but make it dynamic and flexible so that resizing doesnt pixelate.
Very much needed!!!
If our goal is to produce quality maps using ESRI products and there is an option in the software to place a table into our maps, then shouldn't the quality of that table reflect the quality of the maps we want to produce?
Required. Table element certainly with live connection to original attributes.
Required. Table element certainly with live connection to original attributes.
Adding empty tables for columnar text (e.g. MS Word Tables) would be great too - see idea "WYSYWIG text entry" at
Have you looked into the Graphic Table Element?  Its available in the Production Mapping extension.
I don't think this should involve extensions, it's been part of ArcMap for years and just needs some tweaking.  I'm actually surprised this idea is still on the boards nearly two years later with the amount of votes that it has.

Thank you for the support.
It's now August of 2013 and ArcGIS 10.2 is out.  At this point I was hoping to see dynamic table data akin to the Dynamic Legend showing only features in the data frame.  I don't want a Python workaround or third party software, this seems like something that should be included with Data Driven Pages.