In ArcGIS Pro enable delete to delete multiple types of Data

12-01-2021 05:15 AM
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In ArcGIS pro 2.9 if you select several datasets  in the Catalog pane and right click the Delete option is missing from the context menu when the data types are different. An example is shown below.


Where's the delete option?

If I had selected multiple datasets of the same type, e.g. tif files, then when I right click I see the Delete option.


Under Folders, right-click


but apparently only one type at a time


Yeah but if you have several datasets selected which are of different types then the Delete option does not appear.  I often want to clear out my temp folder; I might select a few shapefiles, dbf and rasters that have been generated through intermediate steps and I want to delete the lot in one go.


Bleeding edge stuff here...  17 working days to retirement and I'm not even considering 2.9.0....


Hello @DuncanHornby,

just in case you're not aware that--while not from the context menu--you can delete multiple data elements of different types using the Delete tool.

Ensure you have the Delete tool open on the Geoprocessing pane

With the selection active on the Catalog pane


drag the cursor onto the Geoprocessing tab

once it opened, drop the selection onto the Delete tool's Input Data Element


and run the tool.

Granted, that's a couple of moves/clicks more, still better than deleting them one-by-one.



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Hello @DuncanHornby , and everyone contributing to this idea thread,

The problem case mentioned in this idea thread about not being able to delete a raster dataset together with items of some other types - this is actually a bug, and has been fixed in ArcGIS Pro 3.0.  ArcGIS Pro does allow deleting items of different types as long as all these items allow being deleted individually.  Any other similar problem cases would also be due to a bug of the same nature and need to be reported to the Technical Support.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

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