Improve metadata management inside desktop and server

08-22-2013 02:34 AM
Status: Open
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We need the hard and costly effort of writing metadata to move arround more easier towards the entire system. And preferable without the need to learn XSL or Python for the most basic tasks.

Some examples...
- Import ISO19139 metadata should not first validate before import but first import and then validate. Better get most of the information then none at all. Today the import tools are so strict that most of the time you can't import your own exported meta data.
- Make the metadata move more transparently to ArcGis server. Why do we need to refill everything for every single type of web service? A WFS,WMS,REST service all need to be refilled with 99% of the same meta data. Give the option for change but prefill to the maximum what has already been filled.
- Allow a prefilled metadata template so you havel these parameters that reoccur frequently. An option to right click and allow "Set as metadata template for new items" could be a big improvement..
- Make ArcGIs online take over all the metadata parameters from the desktop, make it possible to import parts or all metadata from related web services to a web map or web application...
- Make a library in ArcPy to easy read/write ESRI metadata xml.
- Make a tool that can scan trough folders and do find/replace actions on the ESRI metadata xml.
- A tool that can grab metadata from a catalog service.
- Prefill metadata based on actions you perform. For example If you publish a web service, why is the URL of that service not stored inside the metadata...

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