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Import Symbology should not overwrite label classes

03-21-2019 10:47 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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I am importing symbology from B to layer A in Pro 2.3.1.  I have 13 label classes set up in layer A. After symbology has been imported, label classes in layer A are over-written as well.  I should be able to import symbology without affecting labels classes - if I wanted that behaviour I could use a layer file.  (the tools is named import symbology not import symbology and labels)  This worked fine in ArcMap. Similarly, i would like to see a tool that imports label classes from another layer. 


I see the same behavior and logged this bug:

[BUG-000121244The Apply Symbology From Layer tool overwrites label classes on the input layer.]

If you would like to be attached to the bug for tracking purposes, please contact technical support.


Thanks Kory. Any way of being able to track bug status without having to contact tech support? there is a number of them i would like to monitor. 


Go to, search for the bug:

and then click the Subscribe button.

We can see the number of customers publicly subscribed to bugs, and that will provide you with notifications on status.

I hope this helps.


Hi, in arcmap, importing symbology from a layer file or an other layer only change symbology.

Now, in Pro, not only symbology is imported but also the labeling rules.

My suggestion, ask for what to import in the process.  Symbology, label or who know what.  


Thanks Kory, haven't find it.  

Status changed to: Under Consideration