Import Map Styles

10-20-2016 01:55 PM
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I recently found some information on exporting map styles in arcmap and I used this to save some specific symbology that I will need to reuse many times. However, I can't find any documentation or tools on importing the map styles? I have the same exact layers with the same schema, but now I want to apply the same symbology using my exported map styles.

I tried this tool for the first time because it seemed more efficient than saving individual styles or saving layer files. I can import them in as a custom style, but I want them to automatically apply back to the appropriate layers.

I use this for data that has been moved in and out of the Cloud. Use Case: I have a versions SDE and I make a replica. I publish the replica to the cloud to completely disconnect it so as to ensure security of all my SDE rather than just a few layers. I edit data in the field on cloud services. I export from cloud and try to migrate back to SDE. Many things go wrong in this process, but for this particular idea I am focusing on just quick restyling of layers for specific mxds

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