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05-09-2014 02:58 PM
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Can you create an import/export to xml routine for folder connections?  When a new installation of ArcGIS Desktop is implemented, the user has to recreate the folder connections.  If your agency has a number of folder connections it's a chore as well as IT updating servers and then a new UNC path is updated.

This way an administrator can create and maintain custom folder connection xml files for multiple departments/divisions. 

Bottom line... send the user the xml file and then they import the xml file into ArcCatalog.

Here's my example...


Another situation this would be handy is with Sharepoint lists. Lists can be accessed as an rss xml file and if we could pull these xml files in to arcgis as a table that would be a really easy way to collect non-spatial data from users to manipulate in ArcGIS.

Hello John,

Just wanted to mention that you would no longer need to import/export folder connections for this purpose in ArcGIS Pro.  For any project a user created in Pro, when you upgrade to a newer version of Pro, the folder connections are preserved in your project (along with any other resource items, e.g. geodatabases that you have added to or created in the project).  A system administrator of an organization could also create a project template In ArcGIS Pro including a set of folder connections that are intended to be used across the users in this organization.

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Thank you @JohnLeon for submitting this idea, and to those who contributed your vote. Since this was submitted for ArcCatalog and is no longer relevant to ArcGIS Pro as Naicong explained, we're marking the idea Closed.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your ideas.  We truly appreciate your contributions to continuously improving our products and services to help you do your work,  and we hope to see you around the idea exchange participating on other open ideas!