Import directly from Illustrator

03-31-2010 06:22 PM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to be able to import geometry directly from AI files.  Something that works similar to the CAD Reader. 

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I support this enhancement as we have many legacy and campus in AI and it would be useful to make them data-driven.

An easy import of the vectors into a file geodatabase with a parameter for setting the scale of the drawing and the map extent. Once in the gdb, georeferencing tools can be used to rectify if necessary. Using a process similar to the GP tool to import a KML file, or as the author, aaddision, suggests the CAD import tool.

Conversely, if I export an AIX then I should be able to import this file back into a file geodatabase and have the geometry in the correct CRS....perhaps involving a CAD like "world file" to be associated with the .AIX.