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Highlight Features based on Selection in MERGE function

09-27-2019 08:12 AM
Status: Already Offered
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  In ArcMap when you were to do a "merge" between say two line features, easily be able to click on each one and have it flash highlighted so you knew visually which one you wanted to keep.


  In ArcPro's "merge" it brings up the merge pane, and lists each feature that is included in the merge and their attributes, but when you click on each feature, it doesn't highlight it at all in the map.


  Just would like to click on each feature in the Merge pane and have it flash highlight as it used to in ArcMap.  This is unless there is something I'm missing and it's possible to do this in the Merge pane?




It does flash already.  

But since you're working with lines, and the flash color is the same as the selection color, maybe that is why you don't see it?

What happens if you change your selection color?


Thanks, and yes that was why it was hard to see then with the line work compared to polygons.  Thanks for the info and glad to know it wasn't accidentally left out as I thought it was...

Status changed to: Already Offered