Highlight current Map Frame in TOC

04-06-2022 02:09 AM
Status: Open
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When a map frame is selected on the map, its title is highlighted in bold in the table of content.


But when i expand it, there is no further highlighting :


If i have very different map frames or very few layers inside, i always have the overview.

But when my map frames are very similar, with so many layers that when i navigate into them in the table of content, i don't see the title of the frame to reassure myself i'm on the right section. Then i often get lost , and i often select and edit by mistake the layers of the wrong map frame.That is time consuming and annoying. To make sure i'm not mistaking, my way is to collapse all the map frames et re-expand the right one. But that is also time consuming and annoying if i have to to do that many times.

This could (i suppose) easily be avoided by highlighting not only the title of the current map frame, but also the background of its all section in the table of content (slightly different color)


That would make my life better. Thanks in advance 🙂

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