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Geoprocessing Results TO Model Builder

10-03-2012 11:04 PM
Status: Implemented
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I had documented a process for creating a new layer, there were a number of steps involved in the process to step through in ArcMap.  Although I have modeled the process now, I thought that it would be great if from the Geoprocessing Results window once you had created your process(probably with some trial and error)  you could select  the processes required  and from that produce a model, with the processes, most likely in the order or run time.  Use the settings in the geoprocessing results, but obviously have the opportunity to update with parameters etc. 
This would be primarily based at uses that are not overly confident in using model builder.
For the most part you can actually do this already.  Any result in the results window can be dragged and droped into an open model builder window.  Connecting the processes together is still left to the user.
Related: it would nice to simply drag and drop the results of interest into a folder or gdb other container.
As @nbw notes, this is possible already if the target is Model Builder, but then one loses the time stamps (which helps detemine which order to run the tools in) and doesn't connect them.

Status changed to: Implemented

 This is possible in ArcGIS Pro, you can Automate geoprocessing using history