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Freeze selected rows in attribute table

04-07-2023 02:33 PM
Status: Open
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Honored Contributor

In Excel, we can freeze the top n rows, so that those rows are always visible at the top of the table.

Could similar functionality be added to the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro?

  1. Select a few key rows.
  2. Freeze the selected rows.
  3. Scroll down to other rows. Compare them to the frozen rows as needed.

I'm aware that we can freeze columns in the attribute table. But I don't think we can freeze rows.

This idea is similar to the Promote selected records idea. But that idea doesn't mention freezing the selected rows. Instead, the attribute table rows would be re-arranged so that the selected rows are at the top of the attribute table. So I think the two ideas are somewhat different.

Same goes for this idea (similar, but different): Attribute Table Split Panes.