Field-based Domain Code / Description Display

12-20-2021 01:56 PM
Status: Open
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"Show domain and subtype descriptions". I want this setting to apply on a per-field basis.


To give a specific example: I have a Zoning layer. For certain end users, having the zoning description, "One Family Residential - 130,000 sq ft", is more important than the zoning code, "R1".

When I'm editing the layer, however, I prefer to see the code, so I want to turn at setting off. But when I do that, all the fields and subtypes change to their codes.



So now things like "Stated Area Unit" are giving their integer codes, and "109402" is a LOT less useful than "acre".

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Just thinking aloud, to go hand in hand with this idea it might also be appropriate to tag the field as which mode it is in, showing codes or descriptions.

My idea of bringing back the asterisk on a field that was indexed was thankfully brought back in version 2.6 or 2.7, can't remember. I find that incredibly useful ,so some other symbol could be used which instantly informs the user that the field is actively supressing code descriptions?