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04-18-2010 11:58 PM
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When selecting using the Select by Location, why not simply have the results option:  'create layer from selected features' or 'export selected features' in the same dialog?


I agree. Currently the workflow is to select features, make a (temporary) layer from it and then save this layer. This is not exactly user friendly.

In addition to above idea, I propose to implement the same functionality of "export features" as in ArcMap as this would simplify the workflow. to be precise, ArcGIS Pro lacks the option of "export selection" within the "export features" dialogue. Alternatively, "Selection" - "make layer from selected features" needs the option to save the thus made layer permanently at a chosen location.


In ArcGIS Pro, exporting a layer with a selection will export the selected features without having to create a temporary layer first.  This is because the export is built on the geoprocessing framework which always honors the selection. 

Do you have workflows where you have applied a selection to a layer and then sometimes need to export just the selection and sometimes export the whole dataset by right-clicking the layer?


yes, that's the case. sorry, I mixed it up, I don't see how I can export the whole dataset when a selection is still active (and I don't want to undo the selection).


Instead of right-clicking the layer with the selection to export, you could right-click the data source (from the Catalog pane) and export...




That's an option, but not a user-friendly option.

ArcGIS Pro is really missing this handy feature of choosing what to export within the export dialogue. I frequently switch between "Export Selected Features" and "All Features". I wish, this was implemented in ArcGIS Pro too. Personally, I use the third option "Export Features in View Extent" rarely, but it would be great if this option would also be implemented in ArcGIS Pro nonetheless.