Enforce range domains

05-12-2015 10:06 AM
Status: Open
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Currently a range domain in the GDB can be setup, but it is not enforced (i.e., it is very easy for a user to enter any value outside the range domain and save these data with no warnings or at best (if in an edit session and doing the edits one at a time) receiving a mild warning that still allows the invalid data to be saved. 
To support an enterprise we really need range domains to be firmly enforced.
I would like to see the "validate" rule turned on by default and when an error occurs, set the data value back to the default for that field.  As is, technicians and data entry specialists will enter whatever and my database will be fraught with potential errors.
Can this be fixed?

I see this is an old idea post (2015), so I'm late to the party, but I agree that range domains should be enforced. 

I just came across this while searching for reasons behind why a range domain allows entries beyond the set range.  I discovered that range domains are not enforced quite by accident while showing staff how domains should be put to use to ensure data integrity.

To me, not truly enforcing it defeats the purpose of even using the domain.  A little pop-up warning does no good, especially if the attribute entered outside of the range can still be saved.

I vote this up!


It doesn't make any sense to have range domains that doesn't work! The whole purpose of domains is to perform QC on the data while being edited! 

I think that any value outside the range should be rejected by default!