Enable ArcGis Explorer to read map packages

07-14-2011 04:31 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
When creating a package from ArcMap 10.0, the package can be uploaded to ArcGIS Online, my content, or saved to a file.
However, ArcGIS Explorer does not support the map package (mpk) format, only layer package (lpk) format.

The idea: We should enable ArcGIS Explorer to read mpk's.

Example: User X utilizes ArcMap and creates and edits all of the maps for the company. User Y needs to view the maps  but only has ArcGIS Explorer available to them.
User X should be able to upload mpk's to ArcGIS Explorer so that user Y is able to view the maps.
By utilizing mpk's rather than lpk's it will display the entire map that user X  has created without having to group all the layers and create layer packages.

This is a VERY good idea! I have to go back & forth creating the layers in ArcMap, then bringing them all individually into ArcGIS Explorer.. and it would be so much easier to set it up without a dual system. 

ArcExplorer Online does not even let you include a layer package in a map. You can only view an online layer package in ArcGIS Desktop.
Good idea.

What I normally do is to create a group of all my layers in my MXD then create a Layer Package of that group. I can then add it into ArcGIS Explorer Desktop.