Drag layers from ArcMap to Pro

11-29-2017 12:01 PM
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I'm finding that the so-called "Import Map" feature often does not work, or when it does, it is very slow. It would be far quicker (seconds in fact) if I could drag layers from ArcMap to Pro, and recreate any elements if needed. 


I assisted a client with this today.  It's strange that ArcMap can drag layers between it's documents, Pro can drag layer between it's documents, and Pro can import an MXD; you can even drag an ArcGIS .lyr file into Pro.  (tested ok 2.4.1)

Yet you can't drag a layer from ArcMap to Pro.  Pro knows what it is and how to use it, it just won't.

I get that importing an MXD and converting it to a Pro project is the intended direction, but this doesn't always work for all workflows. e..g.

  1. My organisation is just starting with Pro and has a multitude of ArcGIS versions in use in many areas, their workflows use MXDs not APRXs.
  2. Oftentimes I do not need all their layers and their documents are already incredibly complicated (200+layers) so I don't want to have to wait on converting a bunch of guff I don't need
  3. Archival, legacy project and some client's client documents are all going to be in MXD format.
  4. What happens when the MXD is usable but damaged/noncompliant and cannot be imported? (as with Thomas' comment)

In order to facilitate transition to Pro (and while that transition is occurring) this feature would be very useful and almost essential when troubleshooting ArcMap documents or building new Pro projects from (possibly multiple) ArcMap documents.


It would be great if they added support for this to ArcCatalog, too. I hate the nested catalog view and will be using ArcCatalog until the day it dies.


For dragging from ArcMap, sure, you can import the mxd and see how it goes, but if you just want the one layer, it's overkill. You spend more time trying to open the map, drag the layer, delete the map, and delete the layout than it's worth.