Drag data from ArcCatalog to an email message

02-16-2011 08:46 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Would like the abililty to drag a feature class from ArcSDE directly into an email message without having to export the data first.  When the user drags the selected feature class to a drafted email the user should be prompted as to which format the feature class should be convereted to, such as shapefile, kml or personal geodatabase.  This could be taken one step further and allow the user to drag from the ArcMap TOC and a .lyr file is generated as part of the process.
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To take it evern further have it automatically put it in a zip file.
Fantastic idea. I often have to send shapefiles and the like on and have on occassion mis-selected the files needed. It would also mean that your metadata file would arrive with the rest of it.
I agree with mping