Docking the Annotation Construction Window

12-09-2010 03:39 PM
Status: Open
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In the ArcGIS 10 New Editing environment whenever you need to add annotation to a feature, in the Create Features window  the 'Annotation Construction Window' pops up where you type in the text you want to add.  However, after adding the anno, if you decide you need to re-position it or do anything else to it, as soon as you click away, the 'Annotation Construction Window' disappears and if you have to continue adding anno to your layer, you have to click on the subclass in the Create Features window again in order to activate the 'Annotation Construction Window' the second time where you can continue typing your next item.  It would be nice if; a)  The 'Annotation Construction Window' could be dockable or at least remained in a fixed location, and b)  Perhaps even the last item you typed stayed selected, so as soon as you began typing the next anno item, it would replace the old one and you could continue from there.  This is similar to what was the case in the Classic Editing environment with the create feature and target layer command bar placement, however, I still prefer the New Editing environment.