Dock/Minimize Find Tool

08-18-2016 08:04 AM
Status: Closed
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It would be nice to be able to dock the find tool OR be able to minimize it when not in use similar to the sharing service analyze map tool.


I posted this same idea about a year ago.  I would REALLY like to see it happen.  I don't always use the find tool, but when I do it is always in the way.


I agree.  I never use the search function and seeing it as just an Icon would be great.  Same goes for seeing my user name and organization.  We have a lot of custom tabs and these things squeeze the names on the tabs down to where we can't read them.


@DaveFullerton are you referring to Command Search in ArcGIS Pro? This idea wouldn't be about that as it is from 2016 and Command Search didn't exist then. 

In fact, I'm pretty sure this is about Find in ArcMap.


In which case the Locate pane resolves that request:


Let us know if you're referring to Command Search as I'm sure there are some other related ideas out there...



@KoryKramer Ha!  Yes I was referring to the Command Search.  We are at v2.9.5:


Since the time I last posted here I attended a demonstration by colleagues using 3.x.  I noticed that Command search was not in line with the tabs in the newer version.  Glad to see that improvement is awaiting us when we can make the jump!

Status changed to: Closed

Thanks for the response @DaveFullerton 

I'm closing this old idea given that it is about ArcMap which is entering mature support in a year and since Locate in ArcGIS Pro is a dockable pane it should satisfy the request. In terms of other ideas related to Command Search, here is one you may be interested in