Deploy ArcGIS Pro through Windows Store

12-04-2017 05:45 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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We're currently running a rather large (~3000 people) Windows 10 ecosystem, a distribution systems operator. Recently we completely started re-doing our ArcGIS ecosystem, in preparation of it taking a bit more of a dominant position. So in that regard, other than all the goodness of ArcGIS Enterprise, we're also re-doing our desktop ecosystem.

ArcGIS Pro is something we're real eager to adopt, however, with us going more 'devops' and as such requiring constant lifecycle maintenance; we noticed that the regular SCCM-method of deploying that currently is in use, is woefully inadequate for what we hope to achieve (push templates, update the clients much more frequently alongside the rest of the ecosystem, etc...).

In short: we hope to gain a notion of control and deployment frequency by opting for the Windows Store. Are there any plans to provide deployment through the Windows Store and ArcGIS Pro configuration policies for the Windows Store? And to allow extentions based on user policies as well?

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