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Define Attribute values from selected Domain

06-11-2020 08:51 AM
Status: Open
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We build Feature Classes by creating Attributes and adding Domains.  We set the various values and the Domain needs to be compatible.

I would like to see the ability of a Domain to define the values of the attribute


You create a new Attribute.  You give it a name and alias

Then you select the Domain that is desired

The Domain then sets

Data Type

Allow NULL

Number Format




Such that these values are made to fit the needs of the Domain. 

To take it a step further. 

You want to create a new Feature Class or Table

Open a dialog to create the FC or Table

Select the Domains you want included.  Each time you select one it prompts you for a name and alias.  Then you can also select the same Domain again if it is being used for a different attribute


I'm running AGP 2.6.3. Related to this idea of leveraging domains …. when creating a new file GDB FC and adding fields for the first time, it appears the functionality to select a pre-created domain to assign to a field has been removed. Instead, the user must right-click the newly created FC > Design > Fields > then select the domain to assign the desired field. It would improve efficiency to return the ability to assign an existing domain to a new field as it is being created.AssignDomainToNewField.jpg

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thanks for the idea!

I know its been some time since the initial post, but I wanted to follow up and get some clarity on your Idea.

If I'm understanding correctly, the idea is to expand the functionality of a domain to not just include a list of possible attribute values, but also carry information about the whole filed it will be assigned to. 

In this proposed setup, adding a domain to an existing field would also alter the fields datatype, default value, precision etc.  The domain becomes more of a template for an entire field than a simple picklist.  Is that a correct understanding?

@LuciaBarbato1, in ArcGIS 3.1 you are able to assign a domain to a field in the feature class wizard in just the way you've suggested! Fore more info, check out the link below.

Link - What's new with Geodatabases in ArcGIS Pro 3.1 


The suggestion does not involve adding functionality of a domain. Rather  for domains that are already present in a GDB, it would be convenient when a new field is defined in a table, that an option be provided to assign an existing domain to the field. Only domains with appropriate datatypes should be displayed. I hope this helps clarify the suggestion.


Thanks @LuciaBarbato,

What version of ArcGIS Pro are you currently running?  In Pro 3.1 users are able to add domains to newly created fields in both the feature class wizard and the fields view.  Domains are filtered in the drop downs to only show those which are applicable to the field.  Is this what you mean?

Domain assignment in fields viewDomain assignment in fields view

Domain assignment in feature class wizardDomain assignment in feature class wizard




 I'm glad to see this functionality in 3.1. I'm running AGP 3.0.1.  I'm not seeing the Domain option when creating a new field. Is this functionality not present in the previous version? I can only add a Domain to a field in the Fields View, not when creating a new FC.

No domain option in Create FC. Field type of existing domain and new field both text.No domain option in Create FC. Field type of existing domain and new field both text.


@LuciaBarbato  Yes this is functionality that was added in ArcGIS Pro 3.1


That's what I was originally suggesting. Glad to see the functionality was added.

Status changed to: Open