Database Server in Pro for Sql Express

04-03-2020 06:30 AM
Status: Open
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Add the ability to connect to SQL Express using the Database Server connection like in ArcCatalog. I could use it to test out my replication without using my enterprise geodatabases.

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AMEN! We are a small shop that simply cannot afford a full relational DBMS nor the infrastructure required (no to mention the staff needed to maintain it!). 

SQL Server Express is VITAL to our organization and has been so for many, many years. To pull the rug out now would be detrimental, harmful, agonizing, and extremely interruptive. Not only is it amazing that this thought process even evolved past the 'should we?' phase at ESRI, but in doing so you are forcing technological/economic handicaps and hardships on your clients. For those of us that simply cannot make such a large investment we'll be going backwards technologically... having had a taste of the 21st Century, and reverting us back to the 4th. Might as well ditch the GIS (and ESRI) and go back to paper maps and spreadsheets.