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05-20-2011 08:08 AM
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I am posting here a question I asked in “Ask a Cartographer” and would propose a possible solution.

I have tripped up upon a problem that I would like to see if anyone has addressed:

Using Data Driven Pages, I have many different files that must be loaded for the individual maps. The problem I am running into is that the maps I make have multiple data files that can get quite large but must remain in the Table of Contents in order for the DDP system to use them. As a result, I am beginning to run into memory problems.

With large areas that are covered with multiple maps, contours, Fills, Flows, other DOQ and related data that must remain inside the ToC for the DDP to utilize them and as a result, slow down the process or actually crash the program.

What am I missing here?


My solution for this would be:

Create DDP specific Layer Groups that would allocate memory and associate ONLY to the associated page layer.

This would eliminate the need to have every layer in a layer group being linked to the Geodatabase at all times.

This would in effect sever connections from the map to the various files depending on the DDP page one is on.

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ArcGIS Pro is able to handle layers and maps more efficiently than ArcMap. Closing this idea, if additional support is needed in ArcGIS Pro please add a new idea.