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Custom Scale Options for Vector Tile Caches

08-18-2023 01:10 AM
Status: Open
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While creating Vector Tile Caches in ArcGIS Pro, the option to set scales in consecutive ratios of 2 is available, which works well in many cases. However, there are instances where using specific scales is more advantageous, particularly in scenarios like our client's use case in the UK. In that region, scales such as 250, 500, 1250, 2500, and 5000 are commonly used and align well with the mapping requirements.

In comparison to raster cache basemaps, where the freedom to set custom scales has proven highly beneficial, we believe that extending this functionality to Vector Tile Caches would greatly enhance the flexibility and utility of ArcGIS. By allowing users to define custom scales when creating Vector Tile Caches, we can tailor our map services to match the most commonly used scales in the region. This would improve the overall user experience, aligning our maps more closely with user expectations and requirements.