Custom Labelling similar to MapInfo

04-25-2012 02:31 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
I believe outputs from ArcGIS are infinitely more attractive and easier to create than outputs from MapInfo.  However I find it exceedingly frustrating that labelling is rigid with very little room for alteration, even when using the Maplex extension.  MapInfo offers the capability to pick up and move labels and then delete any custom labels that have been produced.  I believe this function is very useful and combined with the edit annotations in ArcGIS would be very useful to many users.

Of course such a feature may exist as an add-on or in another format.  If so please correct me and point me in the right direction!
Is this kind of functionality addressed by feature-linked annotation in ArcGIS? Granted, if you change the rules for label placement, then the annotation must be regenerated and any manual placement/removal has to be redone. But apart from that, annonation offers a way to "remember" manual changes to individual labels.

I agree there is some flexibility with the labelling through using annos but I don't see the issue with being able to turn a label on and then tick a box that says 'move labels freely' or something along those lines.  Of course it will be totally at the users risk and over large areas with a number of labels it could be pretty dangerous, but I feel the current system is too rigid and for those that have little experience with ArcGIS off putting when trying to do simple labelling