Convert List by Source to List by drawing order programmatically using arcpy

06-10-2013 03:52 AM
Status: Closed
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When I do some calculations, it results in adding a table to TOC which converts "List by drawing order" to "List by Source". I want to convert it back to "List by drawing order" using arcpy. I suggest to include a tool which can handle this task programmatically using arcpy.
Providing a Table of Contents Option that stops the TOC always changing to List By Source view when a table is added would be very useful in the GUI too. 
Status changed to: Closed

Thank you for submitting your idea/request. We apologize for the long delay in our response and any frustration this may have caused. After reviewing it, we've determined that it is not necessary to include a tool for this task. ArcMap is no longer receiving new development at this time, and in ArcGIS Pro 2.X and greater CalculateField and other GP tools do not alter the TOC mode to "List by Source". We understand that you had to wait a long time for an official response to your request, but hopefully you have already made the switch to Pro, which would have resolved your issue. We appreciate your contributions to our community and encourage you to continue sharing your ideas and feedback with us.