Composite Locator to Sort Candidates Based on Match Score

01-20-2021 04:46 PM
Status: Open
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We have built a multi role composite locator and would like the ability to have the composite be able to sort the candidates based off match score and not the hierarchy of data within the composite itself. 

Below for example are candidates when 200 N Los Angeles. We are getting 200 S Los Angeles St as the top candidate because SiteStructure Address points are higher than RoadCenterlines. The end goal would be to have 200 N Los Angeles pop up as that first candidate as it has a higher match score (97 vs 90)

We are building this locator for a local fire department and would like the ability to sort composite locators based off match score vs being restrained by the order that the participating locators are added to the composite. Note: The address is technically an illegal address, so it cannot be added to the Site Structure Address Point data.








Did you find a resolution?  This seems like some basic functionality, but I don't see any references where sorting on match rate is supported for composite locators. 


Have you attempted to create a multi-role locator in ArcGIS Pro with the Create Locator tool.  I believe many of the challenges that you are having with the classic locators in a composite locator will be addresses if you move to these new locators.  More information about this tool and how to create a multi-role locator can be found here: