Combine the Edit Vertices tool and the Attribute pane's Geometry tab

11-29-2023 11:47 PM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Pro 3.2; Mobile Geodatabase:

There seem to be two tools that are similar.

Edit Vertices tool:
Used for modifying editable FCs only; can't be used to view the vertices of read-only FCs.


Attribute pane's Geometry tab:
Used to view the vertices of any FC (editable or read-only). Can't be used to edit vertices.


Is it necessary to have two separate tools, when they appear to have similar functionality? Could the tools be combined into a single tool to make that functionality more intuitive?

For example, I was surprised that the Attribute pane's Geometry tab can't be used to edit vertices. It can only be used to view the vertices. That seems unintuitive since the main Attributes tab does allow for editing; that's its primary purpose. And the Geometry tab does have editing tools available: screenshot. Why not "edit vertices" in that pane too?

Let me know if I'm missing something.