Clip raster by polygon

05-17-2019 05:26 AM
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First of all I want to know why is there not a good description about the algorithm that is used to determine the clipping of a raster based on a polygon. When you look at the slope you can find a very good description about the used methode. This would be very welcome to be use in reports where you have to describe the used methode when analysing data.

A second thing is that it would be helpful if you can choice which part (%) will be used to determine the clipping routine. For example I think the tool now use 50% of the cell to decide if the cell will be extracted or not. When you can choice a percentage it would be possible to get a fully filled polygon with data instead of cells with nodata values.

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The second part of your idea is a Duplicate of

So this becomes a request to document the logic behind how the clipping works.


You could use the PolygonToRaster (many different options to decide if the polygon is on a cell or not) tool to create a raster filled with 1 and NoData. Then use ExtractByMask or the Times tool to clip.