Change table display for multiple tables quickly

05-23-2013 01:29 PM
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I'm building an mxd for export to ArcReader.  To make it easier for my customer, I'm having to divide the same feature class into multiple (~100) layers, each showing a unique aspect of the feature class.  The table layout for each layer are exactly the same (same fields visible, same field order and same field aliases).

When I make one change to the feature class (i.e. add a field), I need to change its alias and order in the table for each layer individually.  I found there is a quick way to change the field visibility in each layer using the Saved Variable List at the bottom of the Fields Visibility tab in the layer properties.  However, that doesn't help with field order or alias name.

It would be helpful to have a function in the layer properties where I can import a tables field order and alias names from another table, much like the import tool under the symbology tab to import the symbology of a similar layer.


Is this an ARC pro Idea or ArcGIS Desktop? Or Both?


Thanks @LeandraGordon Yes, all ideas now are for ArcGIS Pro, as that is where desktop development is focused.  While this specific idea was requested for ArcMap, as new functionality is considered moving forward, ideas will be implemented in ArcGIS Pro.  Hope this helps.


Thanks @KoryKramer