Calculate Geometry in Attributes Window

11-20-2012 08:38 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to be able to calculate geometry of a field during an edit session in the attributes window. Currently, the only way to calculate geometry is to open the attribute windown and right click the field you would like to calculate geometry on. My idea is to right click the field you want to calculate geometry on in the attribute window in the middle of an edit session. This would increase efficiency and would create one less step in my workflow.
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You can do it by turning on the labeling, and labeling dynamically with an advanced expression if it is a geodatabase feature class type.  Since a geodatabase feature class has an area field that is dynamic you can label via the advanced expression.  In the example provided you would would check the advanced expression box and paste the following (be sure to change the fields that are appropriate to the data) ie, [Field], [Shape_Area]   also you will notice I am converting from meters square to various other units by their conversion factors

Function FindLabel ( [FIELD] , [Shape_Area] )
  FindLabel =  [FIELD] & vbNewLine &  FormatNumber(Round( [Shape_Area] * 0.00024710439,2 )) & " Sq Ac" & vbNEWLINE &  FormatNumber(Round( [Shape_Area] * 3.8610216e-007,2 )) & " Sq Mi"& vbNEWLINE &  FormatNumber(Round( [Shape_Area] * 0.0001,2 )) & " Sq Ha"
End Function