CAD Export to Multiple CAD Layer Based on Attribute Values

10-07-2010 12:55 PM
Status: Open
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I would really like to see an export to CAD option or separate GP tool that would allow you to select a single or multiple attributes fields from the featureclass to define which CAD Layer the individual features will be placed.  I think with type of tool would be tremendously helpful to Utility, Waste/Water, and Local Government users who frequently need to provide data to CAD users.  In most cases you are faced with either exporting the data out without the attribute data or doing a lot of data prep or multiple selections and exports to get the desired product.  I know this can be done using model builder and automated using python but that would require a great deal of pre-planning.  I have looked at adding some of the CAD Layer properties fields to my Geodatabase but seems like a lot of data to add and maintain to add what is basically redundant data.

Something similar to SmartEporter.dxf from GIS Expert Solutions would be great.

Has this functionality been taken care of with ArcGIS Pro? I think that it has, if I am reading this right.


We've been using CEDRA corporations export to .dxf for almost 6 years now once configured it works great. Great tech support to assist in configuration and helping with any problems that usually never arise.


Maybe this 'idea' should be recorded as 'implemented'. I am not sure who governs that.