Basemaps and Labels in Rotated Data Frames

01-26-2011 08:22 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
The issue:  A client is using the ArcGIS 10 data driven pages functionality to create strip maps of their railroad right-of-way.  The online basemaps are quite useful for providing a reference context for their facilities.  But the strip map data frames are rotated to follow the convention of increasing route measures as you move from left to right.  In some cases the rotation approaches 180 degrees, making all the labels and symbols in the basemap upside down! 

I would like to see an approach to provide the labels and symbol information separately, in a way that would allow them to be rotated with the data frame.
There is also problem with symbology using hatching - line fills. When Dataframe is rotated, hatches do not correspond with the Legend. Only manual solution available (very inefficient). Smart rotation of label and symbology according to Dataframe rotation is needed. It should have been there since the ability to rotate Dataframe.
I have had a similar issue before as the labels were sideways. However, I had the issue when using 9.3 and created the Strip Map with Mapbook. I started a new empty map and added all the data and it fixed the issue. Turns out the original MXD had been the issue even after running the MXD Doctor. Hope this helps.