Automatically assign domains to fields when subtypes exist

10-28-2010 04:42 PM
Status: Closed
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Currently, if you assign a domain to a field in a feature class which has subtypes, the domain is not recognized unless you explicitly assign it to the field for each individual subtype.  Please alter the behavior to automatically assign the new domain to each of the subtypes.  This would be a big time saver.

 Excellent idea! I am not really sure why this has not been done already. Would save a lot of time having to manually sync both areas. 
Excellent one.

Apart from saving time this will also take care of the problem where domains do not work properly, if they are assigned at the field level for fields which have subtypes.
I just ran into this problem. I only remembered to check for this after using the featureclass for more than two weeks. I had just accepted that it was broken.
The default behavior needs to changed ASAP. I'm sure there are plenty ArcMap users still wondering why their domains seem nonfunctional.
Frustrating that this should be such a simple thing and this idea has been active for over 5 years. 
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This Idea has been closed as a duplicate of the Idea linked below.  follow the link to add your kudos and comments to the open Idea. Thank You!


Link - Automatically Assign Domains to Fields When Subtypes Exist