Auto correct all candidates in a manual geocode review

08-11-2016 06:49 PM
Status: Open
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Once an address spelling is corrected and matched through the interactive rematch, it would be nice if ArcMap realized this fix and corrected all of the other candidates that matched the incorrect street name instead of having to click through and correct the other misspelled records.



Do you mean there are sets of input addresses sharing common misspellings or there are reference data street names you fix and need to rematch, or both situations?


The first situation would be most common. For instance, you have 1000 records left in your interactive rematch. 500 of them have the same spelling error, once the first one if fixed, when the software comes to the next one, it should be smart enough to know (either through a replace or alias) to replace the other streets the same way.


Using ArcGIS Pro, the output of Geocode Addresses includes fields with the prefix 'IN_', these are the input address fields.  If you correct the misspellings in the relevant 'IN_' field and run Rematch Addresses the affected records will be re-geocoded.