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Attribute Table - Column sort order and width

11-05-2013 06:28 AM
Status: Implemented
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ArcGIS must use standard Windows roles!

Create a domain with Coded Values


Create a feature class/table with a field Material and use this domain. Create some records, open attribute table and sort column Material with double click in header.

The sort order is not in alphanumeric order! The sort order should be in alphanumeric instead of using the code!


Auto adjust column width for column Material by double click in header between Material and Shape_Length. Standard for all Windows application are auto adjust to fit the contents, but not in ArcGIS!


I just had to work with this  this yesterday.   The dialog canot be resized, scroll bars are fiddly, along with all the issues you've listed here.  You cannot double-click to fit column width to data, and for extra-long daat, you cannot even drag out past the window, you have to click-drag over and over and over and over... It's a terrible, horrible interface.

..and it gets worse!  Not only it is impossible to sort any of the columns, if you edit a subtype, ArGIS slaps it back to the bottom of the list.  This means after a number of edits, the list makes no sense at all, and is a mish-mash jumble of items in a random order.

In order to actually sort the domain, you must edit each and every entry, then manually edit them all in order. One. At. A. Time. Pressing. Apply. After. Each,. And. Every. Edit.  (and then hope you've got it right, becuase if not... you get to do it all again!  Whee! /s

(Yes, I did try the ArcTool.  It failed, saying the DB was locked, despite me being the only user connected)
Status changed to: Implemented

I ran across this old post and figured I'd add a comment that both issues raised in the original description are addressed in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

That is, sorting in ascending/descending order works when showing the codes, or when showing the descriptions.  The sort honors whichever you are displaying in the table.

Double-clicking in the header between columns auto-adjusts the width.