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06-24-2010 05:32 AM
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I am currently working for a county park group. The group that I am currently working for is trying to use ArcReader. We're going to use it so that anyone in the office can create quick and easy maps of the parks and surrounding areas that we work with. I think that it would be nice if there was a tool that allowed users to add there own text boxes to the maps. Every map is not going to be used for the same need, so this would be an easy way for users to individualize there maps and highlight issues of importance. Thank-you.

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 You do have the option when you publish a map to include a published map title.  This is something that the ArcReader user can modify in their document.  While it is called the published map title, you could use it for some other text.  When I publish maps, I sometime use this map title as a piece of text the end user can change in ArcReader.  If you make it multi-line when publishing the map, the end user also has the ability to have their text across multiple lines, provided they keep / copy the [][] characters.

Not ideal, but perhaps a workaround for you while your idea is considered??

Michael Kraus
Needs to be combined with the same idea here.

And very much required! It's the only thing from stopping me rolling out ArcReader across the entire business.