ArcPy GetMessages() or Print

05-30-2016 02:28 AM
Status: Open
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In the moment we can't print the messages of the tool CalculateVisualSpecification. The command "print" doesn't work. That is not clear for us, because it is a simple standard command. With the red commands in the script, all messages will be print at the end of the tool. Is it possible to print the messages immediately, so that the user get an information about the progress of the tool?

# Process: Calculate Visual Specifications

arcpy.CalculateVisualSpecifications_production(fc_list, mdb, "'MGCP_50K :: MGCP TRD 4.3 Visual Specification for MGCP Topographic Map (MTM)'", "RENDER_REPRESENTATIONS", "DISPLAY_LABELS", "PRESERVE")

m = arcpy.GetMessages()

arcpy.AddMessage (m)