ArcMap should automatically backup ongoing edits

08-07-2015 12:23 PM
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ArcMap should automatically backup ongoing edits/analyses.  So many of us have lost hours of complex edits/analysis because ArcMap crashes and no backup is available.  Best would be an autosave while working at a user specified interval e.g. 15 minutes.  Alternatively, or additionally, when ArcGIS crashes it should do what Microsoft Office does and save a current version of the map/analysis.  Then when we open ArcMap it should prompt us to load the saved version, or to revert to the original version of the map/analysis.
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I think this would be a bad idea.  A better idea is to practice saving edits your self.

The Big issue with Automaticaly saving edits is if you make a number of mistakes and want to revert.  Well if the system just made a back up you are left with a bunch of errors.

I think we would have a lot of issues with things being saved automaticaly that you don't want.

I see this causing a lot more problems than it saves.  

I would suggest putting a timer next to you that beeps every 15 minutes to remind you to save.
Not trying to be insulting but losing hours of complex edits/analysis becuase ArcMap crashes is a rookie mistake.  Not the crashing, but the not saving.

If your having issues with ArcMap crashing you should look into solving that issue instead.  Often is is a lack of hardware resources and/or corrupt mxd's and databases.  Often when people upgrade to a new version the mxd they were using with the old version becomes unstable.

ArcGIS Pro has had Settings for saving edits—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop for a while.  You can choose to use it or not, and control the frequency of saves based on either time or number of operations.

The other part about autosaving a document is being looked at as part of

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These requests are addressed in ArcGIS Pro both for editing and project backup.

See Save edits at recurring intervals 


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