ArcGIS Pro: Improve Performance on Network Drives

06-27-2019 10:47 AM
Status: Open
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Please improve the performance of Pro when project files and file geodatabases are stored on shared network drives. Currently our projects slow to a crawl when they're stored on a network drive becoming pretty much unusable. When this is happening we can open the same datasets (from the same geodatabase), and recreate a similar map layout in ArcMap (stored right next to the .aprx file) and the performance is perfect. Until this is fixed, and performance matches that of ArcMap our org can't make the switch to Pro.


It might not be an issue with pro.  We had issues in the past but upgraded our network.  Pro actually works faster for me now than ArcMap.  

I would suggest also not making your project direct from MXD's if you can help it.  The nature of pro is such that the translation from an MXD can cause issues. 


Hi Robert,

Could you elaborate a bit on your orgs network upgrade? I feel like an enterprise network update is tall order to ask when ArcMap performance is behaving as intended. We don't import .mxds to .aprx so that shouldn't be an issue.


Hi I'd also be very interested in what changes you made to your network as we have these exact issues. Pro is unusable while ArcMap works okay