ArcGIS Pro - attribute table GUI improvement

04-30-2019 01:21 AM
Status: Implemented
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Small GUI improvement for working inside attribute tables. When editing to add a new field to an attribute table the save feature is on the main ribbon. This is not an intuitive location as when you add a field you are focusing on the attribute table - this is more so the case when attribute tables are in pop-ups. moving / duplicating this button onto the attribute table would make more sense. 

If anyone has any other GUI improvement ideas please add them.

ArcGIS Pro attribute table GUI improvements


There definitely should be a quick access toolbar added to the pane directly next to the layer name.  There is so much wasted space there, and it would keep you focused on the area you are working.


If I had a dollar for the amount of times I've modified the fields in that window, then carried on with the rest of my work without looking to the top menu bar and hitting "save". Definitely need the improve the user experience with this one.




Definitely. I hate the how its not right there. Something like this would be perfect:

mockup of save edits button added to attributes pane toolbar

If the other controls like 'Clear', 'Delete' and 'Copy' can be disabled based on state, so can a 'Save Edits' button. I shouldn't need to go back up to the ribbon, switch tabs and hunt around for the 'Save Edits' button. It should be right there in the attribute pane's toolbar.


Not only for Adding fields but for altered table attribute values. An added Save button on top of the table to avoid the message that you have not saved and then changing to the edit tool tab just to save values in the table.

Status changed to: Implemented

While there isn't a plan to add the save command to the header of the fields view, the way that this was addressed is by adding the command to the context menu when working in the view. 

This work was done in ArcGIS Pro 2.7. See 




Though closed, I'd like to add my support to this. Table tools should live with the table, not the main application ribbon.


@wayfaringrob You captured that request here: For other community members who would find that helpful, please visit the open idea to add your kudos and use cases. Thank you!


@KoryKramer  Ahah, I forget about my own posts sometimes. Thanks.