ArcGIS Pro- Arcscene Applying textures

01-10-2022 05:03 PM
Status: Open
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I create 3d animations which show how a disturbed site may look like after operations have ceased and cleanup has been done. Applying static realistic looking picture fill is very important. At the moment I apply a custom picture fill clipped from aerial photography to a feature like a tailings dam.  In the screenshot the picture fill I am applying is of shrubs(pale green) and tundra(sandy color) clipped from an aerial photograph of the land cover. When I start to rotate the scene or change the viewing distance the picture fill will resize itself. The shrub portion will now be on the left side and the tundra will be on the right side. This occurs only when I use custom picture fills. The current work around is to georeference  an image and apply it to the TIN of the affected area.  It would be nice to have the picture fill remain static when you rotate the scene or even changing its viewing distance.



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