ArcGIS Pro add SQL Selection Ranges

03-27-2018 11:21 AM
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Char_Field like '[A-Z]%'

Char_Field like '%[1-9]%'  


You've never been able to do this in a File Geodatabase, but wouldn't it be cool if someday you could?

"You may call me a dreamer; but I'm not the only one...."

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Basically the same suggestion: .  For the time being, Esri seems to be sticking with "Not in Product Plan," so don't go holding your breath.


You got my vote on it Joshua!  Maaaybee someday?!


As stated in that other idea, the explanation from development about this functionality is "SIMILAR TO has been implemented in the File Geodatabase. It is a SQL standard implementation that provides access to Regular Expressions. Using Regular Expressions on like is not part of the SQL standard, even though many RDBMS systems have chosen to add support. With File Geodatabase SQL we follow the SQL standard wherever possible."

Would you be able to use Similar To?

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This idea has been closed as a duplicate of the Data Management Idea linked below. Don't worry, you can still show your support by commenting and adding kudos to the open idea. Thanks for your contributions!